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Nov 26, 2021

Looking for a reset this holiday season? Do you feel like you "know" what your friends are doing, but don't really "KNOW" how your friends are doing? Would you like to find direction and meaningful relationships in a society crippled by social media? Our podcast host, Kyle Malnati, met Pastor Rob Singleton five years ago through a Denver multifamily investor, client, and friend. Kyle spent every morning for a month with Pastor Rob's congregation as they fasted, prayed, and sang their way into the New Year. It was an experience that Kyle will never forget. Fast forward to 2021, Pastor Rob joins Kyle to discuss his new book OverLIKED.

Social media is arguably one of the most exciting technological advances in contemporary history. It helps friends, families, and businesses stay more connected than ever. However, there are many negative effects that Author and Pastor Rob Singleton believes is crippling society. In his best selling book, Overliked, Pastor Rob challenges us to find direction, courage, and truly meaningful relationships in a social environment that praises self-worship. While our world craves authenticity, God demands it.

Tune into this special episode to learn the tools we need in this media driven world to disconnect from the optics to "live better, love bigger, and become who we were always meant to be.

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